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Monday, November 15, 2010

Super Tacos Truck - November 6, 2010

"Sure, try it while I am away on a business trip" was the usual banter when my co-habitant and I used to pass by this truck; the underlying implication being "suffer the ignominious consequences in the bathroom gracefully in one's own solitude, in privacy and without undue and unwelcome obstruction."  Years later, prodded by favorable reviews and the emergence of food truck as the pre-eminent gastronomic destination, one night after dinner at Il Matto, with our stomachs three-fourths full - the pleasant dining experience leaving us in a semi-contented mood - rather than despondent one-quarter empty, we decided to give the truck its due examination. 

First, a serious debate of which of the fourteen intriguing selections of meats on offer - chivo (goat) or lengua (tongue) - was commenced in front of the three truck guys, much to their amusement.  A stoic decision was subsequently reached - an order of mere two tacos and one tamale.  Not accustomed to the practice of eating on one's feet, an unnecessarily heated debate of taking-out in favor of comfortable sofa against immediate consumption to avoid the food getting cold ensued.  However, before a satisfactory resolution could be reached, tacos con lengua were placed on the rickety metal counter in front of us, which promptly got our undivided attention.  

Tacos Al Pastor
I do not subscribe to the Tex-Mex custom of the West Coast where the taco shell is fried:  What is then the difference between flautas and tacos then?  In addition, flour tortilla is an abomination that should be banned; soggy, under-cooked and thoroughly flavorless, it has no place in my culinary world. Super Tacos' tacos were properly doubled up - two layers of soft corn tortillas.  The lengua was nicely tender and adequately seasoned, while tacos al pastor was a little too lightly seasoned; a problem easily solved by a hefty scoop of the unexpectedly delicious green salsa and another of the hot red salsa. Thinly sliced radish was also provided for the patrons, just as at any taco stands in Mexico.

Tamale con Queso
The tamale con queso had such a fragrant aroma of the corn and sweet polenta-like consistency.  I was happily occupied in the repetition of cutting up a piece of the tamale and prop it into my mouth without wasting it to the sidewalk for a while before I realized; "Where is the stuffing?" The queso turned out to be a reddish log of indeterminable substance; its taste was sorrowfully similar to some kind of low-fat cheese stick. Discarding this vaguely offensive object, we proceeded to divide the rest of the tamale in companionable comfort.

Super Tacos Truck
Address:  96th Street and Broadway (South-West Corner in front of the unsightly Gristedes)
Phone:  917-837-0866 / 917-837-6052 / 347-995-0583

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