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Friday, July 2, 2010

Financier (The bigger one downtown) - July 1, 2010

Macarons at Financier, where should I begin? Should I begin by lamenting that they came closer than others or how they missed it at the end?

One day, I will write a treatise on macarons, but for now suffice it to say (and just take my words for it) that Pierre Herme has the best flavor (rose, apricot-saffron or olive-vanilla, who would have thought?) if the texture is a bit on the softer side, Sadaharu Aoki gets the texture right with the golden ratio of crispness, chewiness and meltiness (I am told by Merriam-Webster that this is not a word, but I say it is) with some distinctly Asian flavors (sesame, genmaicha, delicious, but wasabi...it is hard to be perfect), and last but not least, the temple of macarons, Laduree, with sweeter and denser texture, which I would leave it for you to decide.

At Financier, mind you, I only tried the big macarons, but the texture is erratic. Coconut-Passion fruit had decent passion fruit flavor, which got me excited for a moment before the hell broke loose. The texture was close to the crumbling Herme, but that was the problem. Due to its size (bigger is not always better), once it started to crumble, there was no stopping it. Oh, did I mention the flavor was "coconut"-passion fruit? Sorry, I misspoke. The coconut was mere decoration or how can it be so tasteless?

Now the pistachio, one word - tough. These khaki-colored tough soldiers will surely survive very well in the army. I dropped it, by accident (stress, by accident), but it did not make a dent. Maybe I can wear it as a hard hat in case I need one, huh?

OK, enough said. Next please!

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