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Monday, January 24, 2011

Max Brenner - November 6, 2010

Many things in life are not that complicated, including a hot chocolate. All you need are a bit of patience and a dedicated hand – a tried-and-true formula to overcome many adversities in life – for whisking. Laziness has never fared very well in any success story, and it definitely will not get you the desired cup of hot chocolate. How hard is it to shave some good dark chocolate – by the way, Hershey’s is not considered “good” not matter from which angle you look at it due to the peculiar soured milk taste (except perhaps in conjunction with marshmallow for s’more) – or heating up some water and/or milk?

I prefer mine to have minimum amount of liquid for purity’s sake; a hot chocolate thus made is literally a molten bomb. Surely you can see why cocoa beans were considered a tribute to god. Thanks to a few entrepreneurial Europeans back in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, even I, although much short of being godly, can indulge in this delicacy any time of the day.
First of all, Max Brenner’s hot chocolate is sickeningly sweet, sufficient by itself to cause acute diabetes. Second of all, the stingy amount of chocolate used resulted in a watery, thin and cowardly drink. Lastly, when the chocolate was served lukewarm with ugly bubbles foaming on the side of the cup, it seemed like someone’s dirty laundry water after a football game in the rain.

If you want to know, the chocolate covered nuts – overly sweet, again – are mediocre at best, too.

Max Brenner
Address:  841 Broadway, New York, NY 10003
Phone:  (212) 388-0030

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